Apr 23 2011

Batanes Food Trip

During our 6D /5N trip, we had the luxury of time to try some of the food that Batanes offers. I may have discussed some of them from my precious posts like Hiro’s Cafe and Batanes Resort but here are other dining options that you can find listed in the most recommended to the least.

Vatang Grill and Restaurant – A newly opened restaurant owned by Mr. George Peralta and found just about 5mins. away from Honesty Coffee Shop. The ambiance, staff and food were all superb!!! Aside from not having desserts on the menu, I can’t say any negative feedback about this place!

We ordered Japanese rice, beef steak with oki sauce which according to the owner is a mixture of steamed vegetables.

Pork BBQ and Pinaputok na Samaral (aka spinefoot or rabbitfish).

Here’s a picture of me and my hubby together with the tall and handsome owner George Peralta. 🙂

Zantan’s Canteen is next to the art gallery beside Shanedel’s Inn and Cafe. This also came as a recommendation from one of the tourists we met from Casa Napoli. Zantan’s offer the best burger in Batanes since it contains 100% Basco beef! Although grilling off the burger would make this a winner, frying would do just fine. Of course eating this burger is not complete without some fries, so we ordered large Camote (sweet potato) fries for an additional Php 40 ! Btw, You can get the 100g. special Basco burger with cheese for Php 100. Quite less like Manila price but it’s worth it. 🙂

This is also a great place to hang out and have some coffee. You could try their Kalinga brewed coffee which will surely keep you awake because of the strong taste and aroma. They also offer BBQ which greatly compliments with the sweet BBQ sauce!

Me and hubby with the dashing owner Susan Villegas! 😉

Casa Napoli is just a small restaurant owned by Mr. Xavier Mirabueno who learned how to make pizzas when he worked in Italy. It is located along La Fuente Street and only opens from 5 – 9pm Monday – Saturday.

We ordered their specialty – Italiana. For Php 390 Italiana consists of ham, salami, pepperoni, bacon, tomato and garlic. All of their pizzas are thin crust (not the authentic ones though), made of 100% mozzarella cheese, fresh dough and the freshest ingredients! Being the ONLY pizza parlor in Batanes, this is definitely a must try! 🙂 It’s totally worth the wait and the money. You may want to call for reservation as they only have 2 small tables (good for two) and 1 large table.

Below is a picture of me in front of Casa Napoli with the owner Mr. Xavier Mirabueno. 🙂

Bunker – If you happen to watch the sunset from Basco Lighthouse, you may want to have your dinner at the Bunker. It is a small restaurant beside the Basco lighthouse which opens at 6pm.

The interior is so reddish and accented with different colored circles. Although that fireplace is fake, I still find it cute.

There wasn’t much food on the menu so we ordered red rice, fish with cheese sauce which is so recommended, and pinakbet. 🙂

Pension Ivatan is located beside the Basco airport. This is the only restaurant in Basco where we found native Ivatan dishes.

During our first visit, we ordered yellow rice which is just plain rice mixed with ginger and turmeric that gives out the yellow color (php 30/each), venes which is an Ivatan version of laing also made of gabi leaves (Php 100)

and the famous coconut crab or locally known as tatus (Php 100 / 100g.). It is called as such because of its powerful claws used to open coconuts for food. I’ve read that these crabs are soon to be extinct and taking them out of Batanes is prohibited. I know that we’re mean to eat this creature but this has been part of our itinerary and we came all the way here just to eat this.

Second visit, we ordered:

ovod balls (Php 120) which is like meatballs made of ground pork and banana heart, seafood’s Ivatan express (Php 200) similar to pinakbet but has coconut milk instead of bagoong and the sizzling pancit Ivatan (Php 80) similar to pancit canton with vegetables and sunny side up egg on top!

Lunchbox is the restaurant beside DDD Habitat who happens to be the same owner of Rex publishing house.

Since we ate breakfast here, we ordered the traditional longsilog and beef pineapple with egg similar to pininyahang manok (chicken pineapple).

Although we stayed at Shanedel’s Inn and Cafe for 4 nights, we just took one of their breakfast meals which is this sun – dried dibang (flying fish). Unlike the traditional daing that we have here in Manila, it’s not that salty nor crispy. I’m not really a daing person so this is just ok for me. The second pic below is their local sugarcane vinegar that has a very strong smell and flavor just like the Ilocos vinegar.

Monica’s Cottage and Catering  is located inside Diura Fishing Village. You could try taking pictures of yourselves wearing vakul (Ivatan women head dress) and the kanai (Ivatan men’s vest) and tangkal (Ivatan men’s hat).

Unfortunately, both the seaweed soup and pako salad that we ordered were too salty so they didn’t fit my taste buds.

And these grilled pork liempo and grilled fish are just ok. Nothing special about it. I like the sauce though. 🙂


Disclaimer: I am not in anyway related to the owners of the stated restaurants in this post. All comments / reviews indicated are purely based on our personal experiences when we visited Batanes last March 14 – 19, 2011.

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